A Moving Story

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Now I am just an ordinary guy.  Happily married (Cathy), still missing my adult age kids (Allison and Devyn), enjoying my career (Realtor J), accepting my age (50 plus with a greying-thatched roof); and my own moving truck.  The last of which makes me quite popular with both friends and past clients who get to Move House (The term often coined by those experiencing the joys of moving to a new place, either across town or cross country).

Being a Realtor for the past 15 years, I’ve had the honor of helping you navigate your way through the buying and selling process and helping make your experience a smooth and successful one.  And I’ve loved every minute of it.  Because of this I guess I’ve always considered myself an expert in moving.  That is, until I had to move myself.  Two weeks ago.  We’re in! Well, mostly.

To those who think that moving is simply packing up what you have and taking it to a new location – you have yet to move.  And to all my past clients, if I’ve ever minimized the amount of energy and sweat and time and money, and energy and sweat and time and money…please forgive me!  Although we generally have moved every 6-8 years or so, we hope this one is our last.  Not because it is the perfect house – leaving us wanting nothing more and having all the space we’ve wanted, room for all our cherished friends and family, where the grandkids will hopefully soon come to visit, where Cathy and I can wear out the rockers on our back porch.  Not because our new house is perfect, but because my back is still killing me.  And we hired movers!  Go figure.

I’m still spending money (you never just buy the house).  We can’t figure out which switch turns on what.  Still tripping over boxes.  Still hearing unfamiliar noises.  And after all these years finally having a 3 ½ car garage with no room for the cars.  But we love our new house.

We love getting to rediscover what it feels like to make a house truly our home.  A place that helps define what really matters – our family.  The people who will stand around the kitchen island and talk or out on the patio enjoying a cigar or in the garage borrowing the riding mower.

To Move House is more than just moving to another house.  It is, after all, the moving – to finally be at home.

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