10 Ways to Prep Your House to Sell

Jon Glista Realtor
With the low inventory of homes on the market today, home buyers are having a hard time finding a home that suits their needs (and wallet!). Even though buyers are waiting for the next potential home to hit the market, every home should still be in pristine condition.With that said, here are 10 way to help you prepare your home for showings and WOW potential buyers.

  1. Improve landscaping. Curb appeal is critical for first impressions. Make sure your home’s lawn is immaculate by mowing the lawn, trimming bushes and trees and remove all weeds from the garden and non-grass areas. Add color by planting flowers or having flower pots placed by the front door. Make sure it appears clean and welcoming.
  2. Clean the outside. If the outside appears dirty or not well taken care of, buyers will think the same of the inside of your house before they even open the front door. Don’t forget the minor or potentially unnoticeable details like cleaning the gutters, washing the windows and pressure wash the siding (if applicable).
  3. Make repairs. You want your home to be in the best possible condition. If there are any eye sores or major defects (leaky faucet, broken doors/handles, cracked windows) that could discourage buyers, make sure all are fixed before your house goes on the market. These will be items the inspector will see and buyers ask be fixed as part of the contract anyway. Fixing ahead of time provides you with more opportunities.
  4. House Number. If you house number is hidden, hard to find or faded, replace or add new numbers to remove the frustration ahead of time. You’ll want buyers to have a great experience so you’ll want them to see the address from the curb.
  5. A welcome mat. If you don’t have a clean, presentable welcome mat, buy a new one. It’s nice to let buyers know they’re welcome in your home. Again, it’s about creating the experience.
  6. Remove clutter and depersonalize. Buyers want to envision your home as their home. To facilitate this for them, it’s best to remove clutter, extra furniture and personal items such as photos, decor and knickknacks.
  7. Closets and drawers. Clean out and organize these spaces to provide buyers with the appearance your home has enough storage areas. If a home looks organized and clean, the buyers will also anticipate that the house has been taken care of and won’t encounter any surprises.
  8. Clean, clean, clean! From the ceiling to the floor, clean fans, baseboards, floors, furniture and everything in between until your home sparkles.
  9. Limit colors. Buyers are more open to homes when there are consistent or neutral colors in your home. Walk through your home and if there are any wild or bright colors consider painting with a neutral color.
  10. Eliminate odors. Unless it’s cookies or candles potential buyers smell when they first walk into your home, eliminate it! Hide or remove littler boxes, small animal cages and trash before any and all showings. If needed, spray an air neutralizer throughout your home and/or use powder carpet deodorizers. So your home is more inviting, fill it with fresh flowers, bake a batch of cookies or make a pan of brownies.

If you are in the market to sell your home and want to review how to prepare your home for the best sale, click here and let’s chat!

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